Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uwharrie Pieces Help Break New Ground

Finished pieces for Uwharrie Mountain Run 2009

As I write this, I'm worried about the final 12 plates that are finishing their firing cycle in my electric kiln. I had to push the last six plates before they were ready to fire. The race isn't until next weekend, but Mary and I are leaving for Ireland tomorrow. I turned up the heater in my shop to help dry them out and preheated the kiln for several hours at 150 degrees F before ramping it up.

I'm pleased with the plates that have been fired so far, although they're a bit dark maybe. The clay is Highwater's Earthen Red fired to a hot Cone 6. The slip is porcelain.

I took a piece for the 8-milers, 20-milers, 40-milers and winners outside to take a group picture and decided to shoot them in the spot where I plan to build my first wood-fired kiln. I grabbed my shovels and dug a flat spot in the hill, leveling it off to create a shelf for the pots.

I wonder what the pieces would have looked like if fired in a wood-fired kiln.

I'll have to wait.


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