Saturday, January 10, 2009

Refractory Bricks or Old Oak Logs

In the past two days, I've spent my time away from the shop looking at two separate piles - one pile, a stack of hand hewn oak logs from a barn built in the 1800s, another pile, kiln brick. Both for sale. I couldn't afford both, so I decided I'd rather build a wood-fired kiln than a new log cabin workshop. The kiln brick, though, consist of a lot of wedges, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience using wedges for arches on a kiln. I figure they will work fine if I'm careful in placing them in a consistent pattern on there edges. The difference in thickness between the two ends of the wedge is slight, less than 1/8" inch. I'm thinking of standing them on there long edges. I drew a crude drawing of what I'm trying to say by laying them consistently. The angle of the wedge is exaggerated. This would be looking at the arch from above the kiln. If anyone has experienced anything similar to this, I'd appreciate any advice or knowledge.
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