Sunday, September 30, 2012

R.D. Mahan Kiln Opening and Turkey Roast, Oct. 6, 7

This coming weekend (Oct. 6, 7) we'll be opening up the wood-burning kiln and sharing with our customers the excitement of unloading hot pots and hopefully beautiful pots as we celebrate the Fourth Annual R.D. Mahan Kiln Opening and Turkey Roast here in Seagrove.

This is the first time we've organized a firing to allow us to open up during the actual kiln opening. We've usually opened up several days before to give us time to examine, clean and price pots, but I wanted to make this a "real" kiln opening,  so we plan to start unloading at 9 a.m. Saturday.

We'll have an electric kiln to open up Saturday or Sunday as well, I've got two large tree platters decorated with a new design, and some bells to fire in the electric kiln.

Mary's making her usual leek and potato soup for lunch, scones and cream for breakfast. I'll be brewing some of my organic Ethiopian coffee and roasting a couple of free range heritage turkeys.

My children, Levi and Chelsea, will be around the shop for part of the weekend, demonstrating, and we might have a bit of music being played, at least a few tunes on my flute.

Hope to see some of you here

Some large soul pots ready for loading into kiln

Here's me climbing into the kiln with a large soul pot.

Placing the soul pot on top shelf


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sometimes, a Pot doesn't Fit in a Bag

We recently sold a wood-fired pot to a couple from Connecticut. It was around 40 inches tall and I offered to wrap it in cardboard for the ride home, but the lady that chose the pot decided she'd be able to hold the pot while riding back to their friends' home in Moore County where they were staying. Check out the padding around the neck of the pot in the picture - gives a neck pillow a whole new meaning.

Carol Frank of Old Saybrook, CT. keeps an eye on her new pot.