Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I want some Snickers

Errol Delaney with a handful of clay and his Snickers pants - and me.

It's been two weeks since arriving in Ireland, and I'm finally starting to build my kiln. I began stacking concrete block yesterday. These Irish block are heavy, and I'm feeling it in my legs - all the bending over and lifting and bending over and setting down - over a hundred block. Then there was the bending over and lifting and setting down we did when we moved the block from out on the main road to the Amazing Pottery Shed at Mary's mother's farm. Driveways in rural Ireland are often too narrow for delivery with large trucks. We're waiting for delivery of another few pallets of hard brick for the kiln and two RSJs, iron H-posts used for building barns and sheds. We found an old brick plant in Castlecomer that went out of business and they sold us some hard brick and soft brick at a great price. Errol Delaney was the man that sold it to us. He also showed us around the factory and helped us scoop up some fireclay, shale and some unfired brick that was piled up outside. Internet service is scarce at Mary's mother's house, so I'm writing this blog on our way to Limerick where 3G service is better and my 3G "dongle" actually works. Mary wants to buy me a pair of nice pants. I want a pair of Snickers. Errol wore a pair. Work pants with pockets everywhere. "You'd have a tool box in your pockets when you get home," he told us with lovely smile on his face. Slainte.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heading to Ireland

Heading to Ireland today. It was three years ago that we purchased a 23 1/2-foot metal shed and constructed a footing on Mary's parents' farm so that we could work toward developing a place to make pots in Ireland. Today, I'm on my way to Ireland to build a wood-fired kiln. We are blessed with this opportunity. Here's a few pictures from Ireland, and one from the U.S. By the way, my son Levi is watching the shop while making his own pots while we're away. Stop by and visit him.
February 2011

What a beautiful send off on our way to the airport today

June 2011, helping stack reed in Ireland

Mary's mother Lally's rhubarb pie

Irish rook

The shed and kiln pad June 2012