Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pure White Slip a bit Daunting

After a trip to a chiropractor in Southern Pines, Mary and I got to work on cleaning up some pieces to be glazed for the Uwharrie Mountain Run. My son, Levi, was adding trees to some cups, Mary took some cups outside to blow the dust off with compressed air, and I stained a large tree platter (not for the Uwharrie Mountain Run) to place at the bottom of my electric kiln.

Levi did some great trees, so I asked him to decorate the "last Uwharrie cup" that I blogged about the other day. He did a big tree and joined the limbs around the back of the cup.

By 4:30 Levi had enough and took off to Asheboro for a workout at the YMCA. Mary finished what she could before her hands began to freeze, then warmed up by my gas heater in the workshop before going upstairs to our home to read some more Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens for the masters degree in nutrition she's working on.

I took a look at six plates I threw yesterday afternoon for the first, second and third-place winners of the race, and decided they were dry enough to carve letters into. The pure white slip on top of the dark red clay was a little daunting. After carving hundreds of trees and runners into the cups, I was actually apprehensive to begin work on the plates.

I'm going to ask Levi to decorate some of the plates.

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