Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Donation to Peace Alliance Sent; Film on Jug Making

Movie below

Happy 21st Levi! It's my youngest son's birthday (yesterday really). He asked me to upload a clip of me making a jug. So the clip below is of me collaring in a large jug. For some reason, iMovie is not cooperating, so I had to upload the original file from my camera which took all night long. I'll figure that out later.

On another note, I'm sending off a check for $64.00 to the Peace Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to creating a department of Peace within the U.S. government. The $64.00 check is 10 percent of my profits this past weekend from the sales of my soul pots. I'm planning on doing this again.

From the Peace Alliance website:

Domestically, the Department of Peace will develop policies and allocate resources to effectively reduce the levels of domestic and gang violence, child abuse, and various other forms of societal discord. Internationally, the Department will advise the President and Congress on the most sophisticated ideas and techniques regarding peace-creation among nations.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the kiln openings in Seagrove this past weekend. We had a great time. Sorry about this italics, but it seems I've gotten myself into some kind of state of confusion here, what with the iMovie trouble, internet interruptions and inability to switch to regular typeface.

I'll sign off now, and perhaps things will fix themselves.

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