Friday, April 24, 2009

Apple Store Saves me Money

I'd been experiencing some difficulty with the battery in my Macbook Pro laptop for the past several months. Recently, my computer started powering down suddenly, so I finally broke down and ordered a new battery. Three days later, I got my battery, followed directions and calibrated it, but then it would not charge.

I called Apple, and after being transferred to someone else who understood batteries better than the girl I was talking to, we figured out that the plug that connects to my computer from the transformer (power pack) was defective. The "battery guy" said he could order me one. I said I'd probably drive to the nearest store and get one.

He asked me for my zip code and looked up a couple of places in Southern Pines that sold Mac products and actually called them to see if they had the part I needed. No go. So, Mary and I went into Greensboro for dinner and my first visit to an Apple Store.

At the Apple Store, it was just a matter of minutes when I stood at the checkout counter with a brand new transformer. Mary was quite impressed when I told her I got it for free. The guy who helped us took one look at the pins on the plug that were defective and said, "That shouldn't have happened. We'll do what we call a swap."

He took my old transformer and plug and I got the new one. No charge. That simple.

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