Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Home: Wood-firing a Success

I flew back from Ireland Sunday. Mary's brother, Liam, and his two boys, drove us to Shannon Airport, and I left Mary behind for another two days to help out with arrangements after the funeral.

When I boarded my plane, I noticed the guy ahead of me walking to his seat was wearing a t-shirt with writing on the back: Efolkmusic.com or something like that.

"Ah, a musician," I said to myself, thinking he looked a bit like Tim Smith from the Chapel Hill area back in North Carolina. I caught up to him and said, "Tim" and sure enough it was Tim and his wife Eileen. They were sitting right next to me one seat ahead in the next aisle of seats.

It's a small world.

Back to my world in Seagrove now:

Collaborative piece made from Starworks clay

We opened up and unloaded the kiln yesterday morning at the NC Pottery Center. There were some nice pieces in the kiln, and some pieces that we'd hoped for more from. The collaborative piece (above) that Phil Pollett and I did fired nicely.

We unloaded the kiln and cleaned shelves in record time, as there were quite a few potters there to retrieve their work. The collaborative piece has been donated to the April 18th fund-raising auction at the NC Pottery Center. The event is from 2:30 until 6 with the live auction beginning at 5 p.m.

Donations to the NC Pottery Center auction

Some nice pieces that Seagrove Potters donated from the community firing


I spent the afternoon helping some customers in between cleaning my pots from the wood kiln firing. Here's a few of a pieces from the kiln:

Small soul pots

Closeup of large tree pitcher

Medium-sized tree soul pot with terra sigilatta, salt glaze

Closeup of tall bottle with mangrove tree

Closeup of soul pot top with copper glaze

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