Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Time for a Break; Santa's coming

It's time for a break. I managed to make 103 cups for the Uwharrie Run. Can you spot Santa in the picture above? If not, see below picture.

My three children are coming over this evening and Mary's bought several grocery items from an Asian market in Raleigh for dinner tonight - lots of greens of different sorts, a big papaya, some long purple eggplant, a squash, bok choy.... We've got a new wok I seasoned last night, and some bamboo steamers. Mary's cooked a cranberry upside down cake and she's also "cooking" some kind of fruit pie I believe. I spent the morning finishing up the last row of cups I threw the day-before-yesterday. I lit a fire in our chiminea (apple wood) and I'll be helping out with preparations for the meal tonight. I didn't get a tree this year, and I'm thinking of decking out a large branch of mistletoe that my son, Levi, knocked off our chestnut tree over Thanksgiving.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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