Thursday, December 11, 2008

Showroom pictures

I've taken a few pictures of my showroom to show some of my current inventory. I left a couple of the pictures big so you can click on them and view the pots up close.

I'll be firing a couple more kilns before Christmas and then I'll be swamped with getting a special order for the Uwharrie Mountain Run done.

I still haven't gotten my new mixer/pugger up and running. I've got to make space for it, but I've also got to keep making pots. Mary and I spent the afternoon yesterday sorting and loading months worth of recyclables into my truck. That freed up some space to work with.

This pitcher gets overlooked as it's floor level. I like the rough texture of the "glaze," which is actually some clay from Ohio that a customer brought me. It melted at cone 6, so I tried spraying this pot with it. An ash glaze is on the inside and top portion.

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