Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cranberry Upside-down Cake

There was an pineapple upside-down cake floating around a few blogs recently, and I've got a cranberry upside-down cake I want to share. My wife made it Saturday night. Jeffrey and Stephanie of Dean & Martin Pottery came over as well as Edward Alvarez, super potter and super masseur.

Stephanie said the chocolate chestnut mousse Mary and I made last year was the best - until she ate a slice of the cranberry upside down cake. Mary found the recipe while surfing the website for The Irish Independent. She used whole spelt flour, rice milk instead of buttermilk and coconut oil instead of butter. She also used fresh cranberries, cooking them for a bit for continuing with the recipe. She used agave instead of sugar and added half the liquid called for. So, it was vegan.

I thought the cake was delicious as well.

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