Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ritual can be a nice way to start the day. Depends on the ritual, I suppose. I am feeling a desire for more enhancing ritual in my life these days. I've set up several ritualistic avenues around me - a labrynth (previous post), a sunroom, a walking trail.... One recent addition that I've mentioned here is my chiminea, an elegant little outdoor wood-burning unit, that we placed on the walkway around our garden. I realized this morning that the act of chopping up a couple of small logs, and starting the fire is a great ritual. Just grabbing that axe (an old broad axe) and popping it through a chunk of my old apple tree, splinters of wood exploding from the blow.... It's a great way to start the day.


cookingwithgas said...

love the sound of the chopping wood!