Monday, November 24, 2008

Peace be with us

Two people I'd like to recognize. My wife, and a potter who lives down the road.

Mary Holmes is my wife, and while operating the Center of Awakened Health with a business partner in Southern Pines and working on her master's in nutrition, she took on the role of project manager (that was last year's master's) for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters (COSP). She can fill a room with her energy. She gets things done. Originally from Ireland, Mary came to the United States from Australia to work for a British-owned software company in Raleigh.

While managing the ongoing COSP this weekend, she was also planning my 50th birthday party for Saturday night. So, after the second day of the show ended Saturday, I rushed home to help with last-minute preparations, which included rearranging one room, taking down some old bunk beds and moving them downstairs, hanging some new blinds, moving the couch and chairs....

People started arriving a little after 7:30 p.m. By 9 p.m. a group of musician friends from the Triangle were entertaining with jigs and reels and hornpipes. The Guiness was flowing. Single malts were being poured. Samosas from my Cary friends. Irish stew and a potato dish Mary calls Colcannon. Hummus and fresh bread.

Congratulations were being given left and right, praising the new show in Seagrove.

Some time after 9 p.m., the phone rang and Mary answered it. It was Jeffrey Dean of Dean & Martin Pottery and he was on his way over to our party when he noticed flames coming out of the eaves of the showroom and pottery studio of Chris Luther. Chris and his wife Lisa were enjoying the Irish music and good cheer at our house when Mary rushed them outside and told them they had to go home right now. Their studio was burning down.

Chris and Lisa paused in disbelief and then rushed home to try and rescue their shop dog, who sleeps in the studio at night.

They weren't able to save their dog, but because of quick actions of several potters close by (edit) and the quick response of local fire departments (/edit), the fire didn't spread to their nearby home.

My heart goes out to Chris and his family. His three children were staying with relatives, so they were spared the experience.

Mary managed to keep from interrupting the birthday party, and while Chris and Lisa rushed home to face their tragedy, everyone in my house sang happy birthday to me.

Thank you Mary. Good luck Chris.

Peace be with us.

Mary with a cup of hot water

Chris at his booth Friday night
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