Clay and trees

I've finally got most of my local clay bagged up and ready for more wedging and throwing, but my neck has been bothering me, so I spent the day doing some glazing and finishing work on some pots. Got in the hot tub twice today to try to relieve some of the pain. It's not bad, just can't seem to hold my head up for extended periods, and if I turn the wrong way, then it hurts.
At some point in the day, I decided to finish some tree vases with terra sigilatta made from the same clay as the pot. I brushed the sig on several pots, and then I decided to spray a couple of pieces. I hate to waste terra sig like that (the overspray), but it sure takes less time and fills in easily where the tree pattern is impressed into the clay.


Brushing on the terra sig

Drying the terra sig between coats

Stacking up some new clay:


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