Friday, November 7, 2008

Chun red?

I've not bought glazes in the past, but I took a chance and bought a bunch of Chun Red from Laguna and I can't seem to find the right thickness, firing temperature, etc.
It's a bit disappointing to spend a lot of time preparing my hand-dug clay and then unloading a bunch of pots that don't excite me. Part of the problem may be that I'm red/green color blind. There may be some subtle colors I'm not seeing, but when the glaze is thick, I definitely see a rich red.
Here's a few examples of the latest bunch:

I can't seem to find the right combination of decorating for my local clay. It's a rich reddish clay fired to cone 6. I impressed some trees on a few pieces and brushed terra sigilatta on them. I loved the finish. But the impressing is a very time consuming technique and not easy. Here's an example of the terra sig trees:

I'm missing the flow of production throwing. Maybe I should experiment with some more terra sigilatta application combined with other slips, but I really should stick with what I know works, especially at this time of year, when business picks up. Too many irons in the fire....



cookingwithgas said...

way more fun to play then work on production pots......
love the color of your local cone 6- warm and inviting.

Debbie said...

Was googling up chun red and ran across this. I follow your blog posts, but was not doing so in 2008. I use this in cone 5 electric firing and it looks just like the top of your pitcher. I have, however, ONCE, managed to get the most beautiful bowl--red flaming up side with dots of deep turquoise and purple in the bottom. Never again duplicated it and don't know how I did it. Interesting glaze. How are you, or were you, firing it? Did you give up on it? Thx.