Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Uwharrie Mountain Run Awards on Schedule

We finished up the small preserve jars for the 8-mile runners in the Uwharrie Mountain Run, and we're onto the next size for the 20-milers. It's a great help with Levi throwing pots. I took advantage of the warm weather today (50s) and cut up some pine slabs for the firing. We plan to fire all the awards Feb. 9, using some wood gathered from the Uwharrie National Forest.

The preserve jar shape is ideal for stacking in the kiln. With more than 500 awards, there'll be a lot of stacking in this kiln.

We need 210 of these.

Here's Levi working on the awards for the 20-mile runners.

Here, I'm making "logs" that will be sliced into 1 3/4-pound balls of clay for the 20-mile awards

A board of 8-mile awards drying

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