Friday, December 10, 2010

More Ash Buildup this Time?

A couple of quick snapshots of the inside of the kiln after unstacking a few bricks from the door:

The two jars on top are glazed only on the inside. Clay
on the left is StarWhite. Clay on the right is Grogeeweemee,
both from StarWORKS Ceramics.

Piece on the lower right is a Ben Owen piece made of
porcelain. Jar in middle is Levi's made of Grogeeweemee.
Bowl on bottom has Kottler's glaze inside (I'm not sure
I like the effects the ash has on this glaze). I love the natural
ash buildup on the pot to the right of the jar.

We seemed to get more ash buildup in this firing, at least in the front. I'm expecting more flashing in the shelves behind the front.

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