Friday, December 17, 2010

Coffee Obsession Leads to New Product

I'm a bit obsessed with my coffee. I buy organic green beans and roast them myself in my i-Roaster. I used to use a french coffee press to make my coffee, but after breaking two of the glass containers for the press, I gave up and started making "cowboy coffee," brewing in a metal stove pot and pouring through a metal sieve. But I'm always left with mud on the bottom of my cup, and my last sip of coffee is often spat back into the cup. I have a big electric drip coffee maker, but it's too big for just one person. So, I finally made a coffee carafe out of clay and ordered some Chemex filters, the kind used in those glass carafes where you pour the boiling water manually into the top of the carafe. I brewed my first cup this morning, and it worked like a charm, making a wonderful cup of coffee.

I'll be selling these in my shop.

The twine is made of hemp and insulates
against the hot surface for comfortable pouring

Full of hot coffee and ready to pour

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