Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keeping Busy

It's time again for the Uwharrie Mountain Run awards. I got the go ahead for this year's design, and I started right away making 3/4-pound balls of clay for the jars for the 8-mile runners. We'll be making more than 500 pieces.

This year, I'll be loading all the awards into my wood-fired kiln, stacking them rim-to-rim, maybe three high. This traditional preserve jar shape should stack well in the kiln.

Here's a couple of large vases with tree decorations. This is my local clay with a porcelain clay brushed on the outside. The trees are carved through the porcelain. Again, for the wood kiln.

I moved these three large tree platters into my workspace near my electric kilns to help them dry completely. I'll fire these in the next electric kiln firing.

Tucked into the corner of my glaze room are a variety of pots waiting to be bisque-fired and loaded into the wood-fired kiln.

These are some sweet bowls that Levi made for the wood kiln. They're stacked two-high, one inside the other right now.
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