Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last-Second Reduction Cool

Heavy stoking toward the end of the firing

I think we finished up firing last night shortly after midnight. Levi and I decided at the last second (as is usual with the Mahans) to do a heavy stoke/reduction cool. This is quite exciting and nerve-wracking: stoke as much wood as possible into the firebox and slowly shut the kiln up, so much of the potential combustion is held in check and the kiln cools slowly as the wood and embers are choked from lack of oxygen.

On my kiln, flames find their way out of cracks and crevices in the brick work, licking and "dripping" and flickering upward toward the kiln shed roof. I kept an eye on things for about an hour until the flaming subsided some, and then I went to bed. I was spent from the cold, windy weather we've had for the past couple of days - zapped of energy.

We plan to unload the kiln Saturday, so if anyone wants to come out and share in the experience, come on out. I've also got a good selection of pots from previous firings in the shop to browse; lots of bells, lots of soul pots....
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