Monday, June 21, 2010

Wrapping Station Created

We are setting up our wrapping station for the foot-soaking bowls. My wife Mary found a good deal on boxes and bubble wrap and they actually delivered everything today. After I got back this afternoon from a visit to my chiropractor (routine) I spent an hour placing the flattened boxes up in the loft of my new tool shed. I actually enjoyed filling up the space with the boxes, as it's an area I created just for that purpose. The bubble wrap is two huge rolls about six feet tall, factory seconds. I don't think there's perforations for tearing sheets of it. I don't normally like to use bubble wrap, but this is such a large order and tight deadline, we got the packing material that was easiest and cheapest.

The client who ordered the bowls is sending someone to pick them up, and we're delivering the last of them in a month, so we don't have to pack like we're shipping them. Just a couple of layers of bubble wrap and a box.

Three bowls are cooling and three are firing in another kiln. I'll get up and glaze three more and load the kiln that's cooling. I'm still firing bisqued pots, but I'll soon be able to fire raw again as soon as the bowls dry that I made with new joining methods and clay with grog and kyanite.

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