Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on the Bowl Situation

I picked up some more clay at Starworks today for the foot-soaking bowl order I'm working on, and after discussing things with Takuro, who runs the ceramic supply center there, we decided that I would add five percent grog and one percent kyanite to his Star White Cone 6 clay and add a little vinegar to my slip I use for joining the pieces. I'll also be more careful joining the two-piece bowls.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking I'll bisque fire the 30-some pieces I've made so far just so they have a better chance at not separating. I've been glazing them raw, until I unloaded the last load and found several areas where the joint had started to separate. (see post below)

Three bisque-fired bowls are firing in the electric kiln right now.
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