Friday, June 25, 2010

A few Things not about Foot Bowls

I decided to blog about a few things unrelated to foot bowls while taking a break from the heat, and having a cold one.

Empty clay bags are gathering around the window of my workshop. Santiago at Starworks told me they will take the bags back for future use if they are in good shape. They might even take some money off my next purchase.

The top section of one of those bowls I'm working on
fell to the floor when I flipped it over so I had an extra
platter, and Levi decorated it with a sun.

This is actually the same kind of bug that weirded Levi
out a while back, dropping from the ceiling of our workshop.

It turned out to be one of these, which weirded
Levi out again because one of these had bit him
the other day.

The bowls are beginning to cover the floor
in my new tool shed. Oops, that was about
footbowls, wasn't it?
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