Saturday, May 30, 2009

Work Ethic Reveals New Trees

Above and below are a grouping of pots that I recently finished decorating. I drew a large tree on a pot brushed with white slip and looked at the rest of the pots, thinking "That's a lot of work." So, I thought, "How about a branch instead of a whole tree." These five pots could be "snapshots" of a large tree, but you've got to turn the pot to see the whole "snapshot."

By wrapping the branch around the pot, it caused me to think in three dimensions, in a way. When you turn the pot around the view the other side, you eventually come back to the beginning of the branch that you viewed earlier. I crafted the three pots on the left with my local clay.

After doing the first few, I recalled that my daughter, Chelsea Rose Mahan, had done a set of plates (at right) in much the same fashion while at UNC-Asheville this semester. You never know where inspiration comes from. In this case, it came from wanting to work less and a recent visit to my daughter.
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