Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unloading David Stuempfle's Kiln

Mary and I spent Sunday helping unload David Stuempfle's wood-fired kiln, stopping every now and then to pose for a photograph for the photographer for Martha Stewart's magazine. There were some real beauties in there, "show-stoppers" as Jeff Dean says. I'll post some pictures of some of the pieces I made at a later date.

After unloading, we had a wonderful meal of fresh NC shrimp, spuds, greens and freshly cut bamboo shoots from somewhere in Robbins. Nancy Gottovi was a great host in her and David's home as we all sat and peeled the shrimp. The bamboo shoots were lovely, Nancy.

Andreas Jarvis shucks bamboo

Martha Stewart photographer
gets a shot of a large pot being unloaded

Removing shelves and posts
...check out the stuck pot, lower left

Nancy and Jeff check out some pots

David uses a sheet to pull this one out
with Chad Brown helping

Photographer and editor of magazine
discuss the process of unloading

Takuro and Jeff look at two vases

Some show stoppers?

It was a beautiful afternoon

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