Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Fish Camp Pot

I've been having fun catching up with some old friends on another blog of mine called Fish Camp Stories. It's about my time spent as a child and young adult fishing, diving, skiing, sailing and growing up in the Florida Keys at my father's boys camp. It's hard to describe the experience of growing up at Fish Camp.

My friend Chad Roberts from Jacksonville, Florida put it nicely in a comment to the first post:
"...Sometimes I want to think about it, and sometimes touch it once in a while, without thinking that I'm wallowing in yesteryear. It conjurs up the memory of a healthy feeling; of being totally centered, in touch with the wonders of nature and the sea and your own life, of being the most alive you have ever been, of a time when the barometer for your daily activities was . . . a barometer."

Decoration on this pot
reflects a bit of my
Fish Camp experience

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