Saturday, May 23, 2009

Customer Request Leads to New Shapes

A customer requested one of my tree vases in a more of a narrow shape. I've had a tendency to make these and swell them out after impressing the design in them with stamps that I make. In swelling them out, one of my intentions is to bring their shape back into a more uniform appearance. The stamp tends to distort the clay a lot.
These tree forms are thrown and stamped on the wheel. The stamping is done on wet clay. I threw these trying to keep the forms tall and narrow, but I had to leave enough room for me to get my hand inside with a tool that I use to press outward while I press inward with the stamp from outside the pot.
I like the look of the last bottle on the right, about 14" high. I think the designs, and the concave impressions, somehow make the piece look pliable and soft, unclaylike, if that makes sense.
I stiffened each bottle with a heat gun before forming the neck and spout.
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