Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seeing Hotel with my Bowl Gives me a Boost

I found a picture of one of my foot-soaking bowls at a website designed for reviewing hotels, HotelChatter.com. There's also a film of one of the rooms and my footbowl can be seen right at the end of the clip. In case you haven't read any of my previous posts, I'm working on a commission of 195 foot-soaking bowls for the new Andaz Hotel on 5th Avenue in New York. They came and picked up 32 bowls for their grand opening the weekend of July 4.

I had to laugh at one review of the hotel room, when I read: "
Listen up, because this is important: the bowl on the floor is not a toilet." Actually the bowl is located directly beneath a low waterfall faucet, and adjacent to a stone bench (on which lies one jar each of bath salts and a foot salve).

To actually see the bowl in the room gives me some impetus to keep plugging away at the bowls. It was a scorcher today as I worked on the bowl section of the two-piece foot bowl today.

Softening up clay with my Peter Pugger
sure makes it easier working with 15
or more pounds of clay at a time.

Here's the little film clip of the hotel room:

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