Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Workshop (with a/c)

This heat wave convinced me to set up a workspace in the log barn part of my old showroom, including a window air conditioner. The unfinished space I was in was open to the elements, which was nice is some respects, but not in respect to keeping cool. So, I bought two livestock watering tubs to use as splash pans. The above picture shows only one because my Pacifica wheel didn't fit in a 100-gallon Rubbermaid. I had to drive to Tractor Supply and switch one for the 150-gallon version. I'll set that up tomorrow.

The picture above shows the other side of the room. It took a while to move all my current work from shelf to shelf, move a shelf, then move some work, then move another shelf.... I think it'll be a nice space to work in. The logs are from several different buildings I moved many years ago, the majority of which are from an old barn I bought in Advance where the guy I bought it from told me folks used to gamble in it.

I plan to get up early before the sun rises too high and prepare clay balls for the day in the space I was in. I'm past the halfway point of making 195 foot-soaking bowls, and I hope to be through with the order by the end of August. Maybe then I'll have time to finish the unfinished workshop.

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