Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time for Break from Building Kiln

I have reached a point in building my Manabigama where I feel comfortable taking a break and making some pots. I spent the day building about a third of the chimney to the point where I will corbel the brick and construct a smaller version which will extend through the roof of the kiln shed.

I had been carrying brick to another potter and using his wet saw, but today I changed to a diamond bit on my Makita circular saw and took advantage of a misty day that kept the dust down to a minimum. I still used a heavy duty mask and goggles.

Tomorrow, it's back to making pots for my kiln opening next weekend.

The catenary arch ends and the chimney begins.

Layers of brick dust covers the saw.

The kiln is ready for iron bracing now. And I'm ready for a break.

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