Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick update on Kiln Building

I didn't have time for posting yesterday. We had a customer at 5:30. Mary was upstairs getting ready for the Zoo-to-Do, and then she came downstairs to take over (wearing her little black dress) while I got ready. We had a great time at the zoo as usual.

So, this morning I'll share these photos before getting back to the brick laying:

(Oh, by the way, Ed and Gloria Henneke (parents of Samantha of Bulldog Pottery) ended up buying the three birds by Asheboro artist Mike Durham. Gloria was thrilled and Ed said they would place them in their new solarium.)

Kiln update:

Not a great picture, but I like this pattern I came up with to cover the air intake holes. I used 6 x 9 bricks as a bonding course on the side walls, and one 6 x 9 on each outer corner along with standard sized brick, leaving a small space in each corner so that I could alternate the joints.

This is as far as I got yesterday. The grate holes were formed by cutting a 6 x 9 brick in half and laying them into the space created for them.

Word spreads fast around here, and this small chicken came by to have a look at my progress. I guess it's a chicken. It looked as if it had chicken feet, at least.

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