Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time for a Break at the Zoo

This evening Mary and I took a break and joined a host of potters and artists at the N.C. Zoological Park for a picnic dinner and preview of work that we artists donate to the annual fundraiser put on by the NC Zoo Society called the Zoo-To-Do.

The three birds above are the work of artist/potter Mike Durham of Asheboro. Recycled saws, motorcycle gas tanks, yard rakes, garage door rollers, etc. Everything's recycled. Durham, a former art teacher, told me he's only got a few gas tanks left from a trip to a local motorcycle junkyard a year ago when he came home with a pickup truck full of them.

The Zoo-To-Do is this Saturday. According to the Zoo Society website, proceeds from this fundraiser will fund Project: Polar Bear - "major renovations that will enlarge the exhibit enough to accommodate six Polar Bears and will supply a denning area for pregnant females."

Mike Durham checks out
a pot donated by Seagrove
Potter Jared Zehmer

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