Thursday, September 24, 2009

Form succesfully removed

I was tapping some shims on all four corners of the bottom of the form that I used to lay the arch to my Manabigama - a few taps on one end, a few taps on the other end - slowly lowering the form, listening to small bits of clay and chips of brick drop and slide down the Masonite covering on the form, hoping that's what I was hearing, and not actual bricks sliding or moving....when Seagrove potter Jared Zehmer showed up. We decided we could pull the form out, and I kept saying we needed to be careful. I think we can do it, he said, not realizing how heavy it was. We got it a third of the way out and stopped there. I called my friend and potter Jeffrey Dean, and the three of us succesfully pulled it out, carefully and succesfully. I'll post some better pictures tomorrow. Thanks Jeffrey and Jared. And thank you Wil for the help stacking some more brick today.

While in Greensboro yesterday picking up
bags of Pacocast 28 Li and rolls of Kaowool
for the arch of the kiln, I snapped a quick
shot of this guy on his Harley.
Click on the picture and you'll
see he's smoking a cigarette.

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