Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pouring Kiln Shed Pad

After days of fretting about how big and where to have a concrete pad poured for a wood kiln, I finally made a decision and Michael Dorsey of Michael Dorsey Concrete in Asheboro arrived this morning and spent the first part of the day grading, forming, pouring, skreeding, trowelling and brushing nearly 3 yards of lovely concrete from Chandler Concrete, Biscoe.

I laid some fiberglass insulation in between studs in my workshop as Michael and a co-worker worked on the grading.

Ticamus was excited I guess at the prospect of all that concrete.

It was a small job for Michael, quite the giant of a guy who dressed for a day of working in the heat. However, the sun stayed behind clouds, and it was a great day for working outside.

Even the guy from Chandler Concrete got into the game, as Michael began spreading bits of the rocky mishmash here and there to fill in low spots.

He was limping a lot as he suffers from a bad knee, perhaps from doing this for so many years. He now uses knee pads.

We chatted about the economy, advertising, internet, family life, kids and such as we waited for the concrete to dry enough for him to trowel it, as he's doing above. He finished and it began to rain, so we covered up the pad with a big tarp. He said I'd be able to start construction tomorrow. So, I'll probably be heading up to Asheboro in the morning for some lumber.

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