Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kiln Shed Finished (w/ a little wobble)

Levi and I work on nailing down boards
for the tin to be screwed into.

It was one hot day today, but my youngest son, Levi, came home from college and arrived at my place late this morning to help me finish the kiln shed. I looked over at him at one point and saw the sweat dripping from his chin as he hammered a nail into a board. I was determined to get the shed done before Mary and I left for a trip to visit some of my family in Florida Friday. But I was beginning to wonder if we'd get it done. We had all the boards in place and were ready for the tin, but the sun was relentless, and you can't screw tin onto a roof when the sun is being relentless.

By late afternoon, we decided to give it a try anyway. Thirty minutes later the sun disappeared by some heavy clouds, and a bit later we got a few sprinkles but we managed to finish.

The only thing I wish I had done differently was use 6x6's instead of 4x4s for my posts. I think I'd have less wobble in the structure. It's a strong structure; don't get me wrong, but I keep wondering how I could firm it up. I may add a shed roof off one side for storing wood, and I could tie it into some more 4x4s buried in the ground. That might sturdy things up.

I hope to be stacking brick and block some time next week.

At this point, the tin was wet, so I decided
the safest was to move around on it
was on my butt.

The finished shed

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