Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kiln Shed Started

A view from above. Picture was taken
from the balcony of our living space.

My oldest son, Wil, came over this afternoon and helped me set up the skeleton of my kiln shed. We spent a while trying to figure out the trusses, and finally after some math calculations by Wil, I had one truss made, and it fit perfectly on top of the 2X10 plate atop the treated 4X4s. I decided to make the height of the shed 10 feet rather than 8 feet. I was thinking of 9 feet, but after obsessing for way too long about it, I opted for 10 feet. I could always lower it if I had to.

I'm hoping to get the shed finished before we leave Friday for a vacation to visit my mother and brother in Pensacola.

I like the construction of this shed at David Stuempfle's,
and I plan to use the builder's method of extending
the 45-degree bracing into the trusses. David told me
Don Jorgenson built it. Don's wife operates Raven Pottery,
which used to be in Seagrove.

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