Friday, July 17, 2009

A Look at my Compound

I think the tool shed fits right in with the rest of my compound. This shot is from the back of my showroom, which is the first story of the barn. I'm almost standing in the woods taking the picture. We live upstairs in the barn. The tower-looking structure on the left we call "The Florida Room" because it gets all the sun. My children helped me build that three years ago, but we have yet to finish the inside. It started out being a deck, but we ended up enclosing it and installing two glass doors. The main entrance to my showroom is directly below the Florida Room. You can see our flower garden at the far left. Mary takes care of that most of the time, and it's looking great. We get a lot of nice compliments on the garden. I just now had an idea... A window box under the window of the tool shed. That would picturesque, wouldn'tit?
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