Friday, July 3, 2009

Four Walls up

Mary helped me lift the walls into place after I nailed them together.

Close up of laying out the top and bottom plate of the wall. The Xs are where the 2x4 studs go.

A little trick I learned when you get a stud that's twisted. Hammer a nail partially into the offending stud, then use an extra hammer or crow bar to twist the stud straight.

Another day's work. My body's slowly becoming accustomed the labor. The first couple of days, I was quite sore - my legs in particular from bending and squatting. The picture above is crooked, not the structure. The tool shed will have a sloping roof that matches the slope of my future kiln shed. I'm not sure about the height of the kiln shed. The building's height is about 14 feet. Is that too tall for a kiln shed?

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