Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dancing a Jig

Some thick black plastic tacked down, and 180-some galvanized nails hammered home, and the floor of my new tool shed was able to withstand a 200-and-some pound man dancing a jig.

I actually wondered if my tool shed would make a nice throwing room. There's something inspiring about creating a new space, but after some consideration, I decided to continue with the tool shed, and keep in line with my current plans to finish my "future workshop," a former chicken house that I expanded but never finished.

I've actually got three converted chicken houses. One I call my slab room, one my workshop. Then there's the "future workshop."

The picture at right is my future workshop. A bit of my "current workshop" can be see to the left of it. The tool shed is being built to the right (outside the picture).

A customer said it succinctly the other day: "You've got quite a nice compound here."

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