Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Films on Seagrove's Past Potters

C.C. Cole Vase

I don't have a big collection of old pottery, but this is one that I acquired years ago, and when I showed it to Dorothy Auman of Seagrove Pottery many years ago, she recognized it as one that her father, C.C. Cole, had made.

I was googling "Seagrove Pottery" this morning, and I came across a site ( which has three great films, glimpsing into the processes and histories of a few of the older Seagrove pottery shops. The films were produced in the mid 1980s by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, funded by the Randolph Arts Guild, and feature interviews with Dorothy and Walter Auman, Waymon Cole and Nell Cole Graves, M.L. Owen and Joe Owen, all of whom have left their mark in our community of potters in Seagrove.

Narrated by our own Dwight Holland, each film is about 15 minutes in length. I love the music as well as the footage. Many thanks to those involved in recording this slice of Seagrove's history.

If you go to the link above, click on the link in index at the top of the page for "Seagrove Pottery."

There's some footage of a young boy at the wheel toward the end of the first film (12:39), and I made a guess as to who it was, but I'm not sure. Someone else know for sure who this youngster is?

You may need RealPlayer or an equivalent to play the films.

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