Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Kayaker on the Shannon

Kayaker on the Shannon River with old ruins in the background

Mary and I visited the University of Limerick the other day to try and find a wireless connection to the internet. While there, we went for a walk on campus, and I took a few pictures. At one point, we crossed "The Living Bridge" over the River Shannon and spotted someone kayaking the river in the freezing weather. I took a few shots and shouted to the kayaker that I'd send them to her by email if she gave me her address.

I sent the pictures and asked her why she was out in the freezing weather on the river.

She wrote back: "Well twas a nice evening and as long as you have a couple of fleeces and you keep moving, then you're fine!"

Yesteday, I attempted to make a mould with the mastermould I had someone make me last year. The mastermould is a monster of a thing. It must weigh at least 200 pounds. I soaped the thing up several times, sprinkled some "fine casting plaster" into a bucket of water, but when I began mixing, the plaster had already begun to set.

Totally disppointed, I worked like crazy to empty the setting plaster from the bucket.

I cursed, standing outside PJ's townhouse in Ros Fearna, wondering how to solve the problem.

Today, I'll call some folks and try to figure this out.

We're making some plans to travel to Ballyvaughan this week in search of some music.


Michael and Mary
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