Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ireland update

I made this plate in 2004 for PJ Holmes, Mary's youngest brother, who opened up a convenience store in Murroe, County Limerick. He placed it on a column in the center of his store. The lettering and the knotwork was added using extruded clay. It was glazed and the glaze was sponged off of the lettering and knotwork.

PJ has done well with his store, although, he's had to let a couple of workers go recently because of the recent economic downturn in Ireland. If PJ's store can survive 2009 he figures it will be around forever. He told me the other day that customers' buying patterns are changing.

People used to eat out a lot and now they're cooking more at home, he said, and growing their own food as well.

I told him it's the same in the states.


Mary and I are headed to Ballinskelligs, a small village in the Ring of Kerry, a gorgeous penninsula sticking out into the Atlantic in southwestern Ireland, and then heading north to Ballyvaghaun, south of Galway, to find some music.

I succeeded in making a plaster form with my new master mould, although it's a bit beat up from tapping it with a hammer. More soap is needed, I think.
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