Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quickest Firing yet looks Good

Chelsea, Levi and I fired a load of pots in the wood-fired kiln Tuesday, most of the pots being made by Chelsea and Levi while Mary and I were away in Ireland. It was the quickest we've ever fired the Manabigama, nine hours.

We stoked heavy until we reached cone 11 in the front then slowed the stoking to let the kiln raise and lower between 2,000 F. and 2,300 F for a few hours. Then Levi took over at the end and stoked heavily, putting the kiln into reduction for an hour or so. We had cone 14 flat in the front and cone 10 tipping in the back when we shut the kiln up.

A peek into the kiln this morning shows we've got some nice color on the front pots. Many of the pieces are glazed in shino, which looks to have turned quite dark up front.

We'll be unloading in the morning.

Chimney flame near end of firing

Front shelves next to firebox

Right to left: Chelsea, Mariel Feigen, and Levi

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