Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where do I put them all?

Cleaning edges as they come out of the bisque kiln

One challenge of making more than 600 pieces for the Uwharrie Mountain Run in my studio is finding places to put the pots. Participants for the annual race are up and Levi has been busy making more jars, and I had to load the ones we've already made into the electric kiln to bisque fire so I could free up some boards for him to place the newly thrown pieces.

We should be through throwing and decorating everything in the next few days. I'll be glazing and firing a load soon, so I can pack some up in boxes to make room in the shop for more. Every year, I say that I'd like to take a picture of all the pieces together, but I don't think I've done it yet just because of the large number of pieces.

Maybe I'll do it this year.

Levi pulls up a ring of clay on his last jar
of the day.

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