Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Horse hair' Pots

So, here's my try at high-fired horse hair pots. I have a client who wanted me to give this a try for some sinks. Horse hair pots are usually fired to a low temperature and taken out of the kiln hot, then hair from the tail of a horse is laid onto the shoulder of the pot. The hair leaves behind a dark squiggly line and the smoke subtley darkens the clay above the line.

  Below is a picture of some real horse hair I fired a couple of years ago, followed by my try at some "fake" horse hair. The fake stuff hasn't been fired yet, so we'll wait and see what the finished result looks like. I carved the line into the pot with a small loop tool and filled it with a black slip, scraping off excess slip after the pot dried a bit. Then I stained above the line with a black stain, and burnished the pot, adding some terra sigilatta when the pot dried.

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