Thursday, January 12, 2012

Underfired Bisque a Worry

Medallions and jars

While the first kiln load of awards for the Uwharrie Mountain Run were cooling in my new electric kiln, I decided to load a bisque in the other kiln I have. I fired this kiln overnight and most of yesterday. It didn't reach top temperature, as I believe my elements are a bit worn out. It was supposed to reach 1800 degrees F. but only reached 1650 I think.

The kiln has a safety feature that shuts it down if the temperature doesn't climb a certain amount per hour. I think it would have fired okay if it wasn't such a tight heavy load of small pots.

So, I'm a little worried that if I glaze these "underfired" bisqued awards, the glaze may adhere to the clay a little thicker. So, I've decided to bisque fire another final load of awards in the newer kiln and glaze and then glaze fire this final load with a couple of the underfired awards inside just to make sure they fire correctly.

Luckily, I'm ahead of schedule this year and have the time to do this.

Meanwhile, I've started working on a commission for two sinks for a hotel in Switzerland. The designer for the hotel would like me to make him some "high-fired" horse hair sinks. I'll post on that soon.

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