Friday, June 17, 2011

Prospecting for Clay

Chunks of raw clay drying in the sun

I've been walking regularly for a while now - using a trail I created off an old road bed in the back of our property. The old road bed crosses a creek, which is now dry, and I always look at the clay showing through the ground where four wheelers have gouged a trail.

Today, Levi and I dug up some of the clay and brought it back to give it a try on the wheel and in our kilns. We both grabbed a handful of some of the softer clay and wet it down and smacked it together a few times, then threw a piece on the wheel. I think it shows some promise. It's very similar to what I've dug up on another part of the property, but it seems to have some bluish clay in it as well.

We're both hoping that if we keep digging, we'll hit a vein of blue clay. We'll see.

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