Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Work for the Wood Kiln

Just a quick update:

Levi and I are planning on firing the wood kiln this month with three large pots Levi created recently. Actually, they've been sitting and waiting to be loaded for a couple of months now. They'll take up most of the space in the kiln, so we've been making some smaller pieces to fill in around them such as small mugs, soul pots and tree vases.

I spent much of last week cutting and stacking wood, as Levi made pots. I reached a point where I was sick and tired of electric saws and wood slabs and pallet parts and spent a couple of days recently making some large soul pots and a few pieces that customers ordered.

Our next show is Art in the Park July 16 in Blowing Rock.

Four tall pieces Levi made for the wood kiln

Recent work for the wood kiln

Levi brushes a flashing slip on a tall vase

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