Monday, June 20, 2011

Firing Levi's Big Pots in this Load

We're anticipating some interesting results in our next firing. We loaded three large pots that Levi created. They take up a huge chunk of kiln space, but we managed to get quite a few other pots in the kiln as well.

We'll be preheating the kiln with a gas burner tomorrow afternoon (maintaining a low temperature) and firing with wood beginning around midnight. Levi wants keep the kiln rising in temperature about 50 degrees an hour for the first nine or so hours.

Soul pots rest on top of Levi's special order
rain barrels in the back of the kiln.

The large vase wasn't easy to load.

We placed a planter on top of the large
vase and some small mugs on top of that
There's actually a pot inside each of the large
pieces as well, and a bit of sawdust in one as well.

Our only set of shelves is in the front

For more detailed photos of loading the big vase, click here.

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