Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salt Shino

I posted recently a picture of a tree mug with a "salt shino" glaze that looked terrible after unloading the wood-fired kiln. I had a couple of mugs left that didn't get in the kiln, so I decided to put one right up front by the firebox during the next firing.

Well, the mug fired beautifully. So, I haven't given up on the glaze yet. Perhaps this is a glaze that likes a lot of hot flame? The glaze is one taken from John Britt's The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes:

Neph Sy 68
Kaolin 9
Ball Clay 14
Red Art 4.5 (I used local red clay)
Salt 4.5

Here's two pictures of the ugly mug and the beautiful mug.

This one reached cone 13

This one may have been underfired below cone 9

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